Where we’ve come, where we’re going

UCT Upstarts pitch

Thursday 8th September was a busy day for Dadewethu, with us pitching to a room full of potential funders at the UCT Upstarts Idea Auction in order to allow us to expand our services and products. We managed to raise some capital, received offers for assistance on our website as well as help with our vending machines, marketing, branding and exposure and immeasurable assistance in many other ways.

What we’re planning:

♀Our website is upgrading to provide you with all the information you need to know how your body works and to make informed decisions about your health as well as providing a directory of all the available female health services around campus and where to find them.

♀ Our 24/7 Whatsapp call and message line will officially open: ask us questions on any content you’re unsure about from our website or if you are uncertain who to get in contact with in your situation and we’ll help!

♀ Delivering condoms and lubricants!

We aim to make womxn’s lives easier, more convenient and less stigmatised as well as provide access to knowledge that they may struggle to find.

See you in a bit!

-The Dadewethu team