Nearby Clinics and Hospitals

62There are three types of providers of reproductive health services that you can access.


There are firstly government clinics (of which Student Wellness at UCT, accessible to UCT students is one.) These provide primary health care services, including STI testing, pregnancy testing, HIV testing and trauma counselling. Some clinics offer termination of pregnancy (which is free and legal in South Africa to all women over the age of 12 without parental consent.) These clinics may vary in what they offer and there is generally one per suburb in the Cape Town area. They are generally open Mondays to Fridays, 9AM-4PM, with some exceptions. For a list of Western Cape Clinics, click here. We will be updating with a map of all the clinics, the services they offer and what times they are open soon!


Secondly, there are government hospitals (day and overnight). These offer a more comprehensive list of services, including all of those offered at clinics. Regional hospitals offer terminations of pregnancy, but a referral from a different doctor (from a clinic) may be required. A list of Western Cape hospitals can be found here, here and here. We will be updating with a map of all the hospitals, the services they offer, what times they open and the general pricing soon.


Lastly, there are private clinics and facilities that offer reproductive health care services. These include STI testing, HIV testing and counselling, STI treatment, contraception counselling, termination of pregnancy, female and male sterilisation and pap smears. We will soon be updating with a list of these organisations, pricing, opening times, services and locations. Marie Stoppes is a large private women’s health care provider in Wynberg, Cape Town and Bellville.

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