Our Products

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We sell and deliver pregnancy tests, tampons and pads on UCT campus at prices lower than retail in order to make these products more accessible. We also operate Automatic Tampon Machines in key UCT female bathrooms that dispense 2 tampons or pads (of your choice of flow) for R5.00. From these sales, for each plastic capsule that is bought, 1 tampon or pad is donated to drives that dispense these products for free in the area.


Our first stock of tampons will be sold in the first weeks of campus at a price 20% lower than that of retail (R43 for a box of 32 Kotex tampons.) We will also begin selling our pregnancy tests at 30% lower than retail pricing (R24/midstream test, R20/dropper test.) We will be trialing our delivery system in these first few weeks.

Our Automatic Tampon Machines will be located in the 24/7 level and first level of the Library, the bathrooms outside of Menzies Green Lab as well as the Molly Blackburn bathrooms.

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